The bearings we use in both our Hellbender Neo and Hellbender 70 bottom brackets were designed to be extremely durable, corrosion resistant, and long lasting. Our Hellbender Neo bottom bracket feature’s our Hellbender Neo bearing which is filled with SKF’s MTRX solid bearing oil technology. These bearings were designed to last through tough conditions, making them ideal for mountain bikers and hardcore enthusiasts. A solid oil polymer completely fills all of the empty space inside the bearing cartridge - this eliminates open space where contaminants can enter. The solid oil polymer also retains the ball bearings and provides constant lubrication.  Hellbender Neo bearings were not designed to be taken apart and serviced because you should not ever need to grease or service them. 

    Our Hellbender 70 bottom brackets feature our Hellbender bearings - a stainless steel bearing with grease. With bottom brackets, the biggest killer is corrosion, and stainless steel bearings have significantly more corrosion resistance than non stainless steel bearings. Despite the seal, contaminants can still enter the system and the Hellbender bearings can be cleaned and re-greased when needed. The stainless steel bearings were also designed to be very long lasting, and they have slightly less drag than our MTRX bearing, making the Hellbender 70 ideal for the rider that may prioritize efficiency over durability