The AngleSet can only be installed in a press-in style head tube with a minimum Inside Diameter (ID) of 44mm.  If your frame has an ID of 44mm or larger on both the top and bottom it is AngleSet compatible.  Certain head tubes will only be able to utilize a straight 1 1/8” steerer with the AngleSet (see our S.H.I.S. poster for additional headset specs).

What bikes aren't compatible? 

Bikes that have "Integrated style" (IS) headsets (aka. Drop-in Bearings) will not be compatible with the Cane Creek AngleSet. 

 Integrated Style (IS) headset

What Bikes are compatible?

Bikes that have press-in style "zero stack" (ZS) and/or "external cup" (EC) headsets, with a inner diameter of 44mm - 56mm will be compatible with the Cane Creek Angleet.