Cane Creek offers headsets to fit nearly every bike out there! But before you can determine which one is compatible with your bike you need to identify the following:

1. HEAD TUBE TYPE – There are two types of head tubes: press-fit, and integrated.  Press-fit head tubes require headset cups that are pressed into the bicycle headtube, and the headset bearings sit inside those headset cups.

2. HEAD TUBE DIMENSIONS – A press-fit headtube should be measured with a good set of calipers, the inside diameter in millimeters, of the bare headtube top and bottom.

You’ll likely find inside diameters like these: 30mm, 34mm, 41mm, 41.8mm, 44mm, 47mm, 49mm, 52mm, 56mm, and more recently 62mm.

3. FORK STEERER TUBE DIMENSIONS – Almost every single modern bicycle fork has an upper steerer tube outer diameter of 28.6mm, or also referred to by 1 ⅛ in.

Some forks have straight steerer tubes, and some have tapered. 

Most modern single crown mountain bike forks have a 1.5 in tapered steerer tube (40mm crown race).

For information on identifying the correct headset for your bike please reference the following: 

We also highly recommend bringing your bike to your local bike shop for any fitment assistance as they have the ability to work with you hands on, and can help you measure and identify the correct replacement headset or headset part.