Current Cane Creek Factory service rates are as follows:

  • DB INLINE, DB C-Quent, and DB AIR [IL]: $170 USD
  • DB Inline to DB Air [IL] conversion: $250 USD
  • DB COIL [IL]: $160 USD
  • DB AIR and DB AIR-CS: $220 USD
  • DB COIL and DB COIL-CS: $205 USD
  • Helm Air 27.5/29: $200 USD
  • Helm Coil 27.5/29: $190 USD

+ return shipping

In addition, we currently offer the following upgrades that you can add to your service:

IL Climb Switch w/ Integrated Tool: Retrofit your older model IL shock with the new CS lever that has an integrated 3mm tool for quick access for trail side rebound and compression adjustments. Cost $34 additional

Black Damper Tube: Update the look with a new black outer damper tube below the cylinder head. Available for DB Air and DB Air-CS shocks with grey damper tube. Cost $35 additional

VALT spring: Receive 15% off the pricing of a new lightweight VALT spring when purchased with a service.

Hardware: Need to refresh your hardware? Moving your shock to a new frame? Receive 15% off hardware when purchased with a service.

DB Inline to DB AIR[IL] Upgrade: Upgrade your DB Inline into the newer DB AIR[IL] during your in-house service. Click here for a PDF detailing the upgrades. Cost is $250 USD total, plus return shipping