Though Cane Creek has worked closely with select bike manufacturers to develop base tunes in the past we have deliberately moved away from this in recent years. "Why?" you may ask. The answer to this goes to the heart of our desire to build the world's best bicycle suspension systems. 

Base tunes, by their nature, are inherently limiting. What they attempt to do is simplify the experience for the rider. By doing this they tune suspension performance for the average. Bike riders come in all different shapes and sizes; so too does the terrain that we ride in. Throw in personal preferences and you have a myriad of situations that a base tune doesn't account for. 

Our method of building suspension allows the rider to easily tune their suspension to their preferences and riding styles. Though this takes a little more time and experimentation, it ultimately leads to a highly personalized and more gratifying riding experience.

If you have questions about building your very own "Pro Tune" then please consult our various resources:

Trailside Tuning Video

DB Quick-Tune Sheet

For specific questions about shock tuning please create a ticket or reach out by phone.