That will depend on the shock. If you have a Coil shock and we offer other stroke lengths in that same shock eye to eye size, then odds are you can achieve those other stroke lengths by adding (to decrease stroke) or removing (to increase stoke) stroke reduction clips that install under our bottom out bumper. These are available in 2.5, 5, 7 & 10mm sizes for both the Coil IL (8mm shaft) and Coil CS & Kitsuma (9.5mm shaft). Those are sold HERE or you can contact your local bike shop.


    If you have an Air shock and we offer a different stroke in your shock size, then odds are you can get your stroke changed to that. However, for air shocks that is an internal adjustment and would need to be done as part of a 100 hour service either from us directly or an authorized service center

    Cane Creek does not endorse using a different stroke length, or eye to eye length outside of what is specified for your frame by the frame's manufacturer