If your Turbo Levo is 2019 or newer then, yes! All of our shocks, except for the DBcoil IL, will work. The previous model years used a proprietary shock length and mount so we do not have a fit for model years 2017 and 2018. The newer Turbo Levo uses a 210 x 52.5 shock which is a size that all of our shocks come in. 

If you are interested in our DBair IL platform, there are two options to be aware of. The older, larger DBair IL required the valve body to be clock and we built those under a specific part number for the Levo. The DBair IL part number is BAD2345. If you are getting a used shock, please confirm generation and whether valve body clocking is required before mounting shock. 

The DBair IL (Next Gen) series will fit with no issue and that part number is BAD2622. If our DB Kitsuma Air or DB Kitsuma Coil is what you're after then no special "clocking" is required. For the Kitsuma Air you will need BCD0003. For the Kitsuma Coil you will need BCD0053. These are all "standard" shocks that need will need the 20 x 6mm (.HWDA) hardware for the "A" side. The "B" side is an Open End Eye and does not require hardware but you will need to press out the bushing that is installed from the factory.

For 2022, the Turbo Levo moved to a 210x55 shock. All the above information still applies, but the part numbers have changed. Air IL - BAD2623, Kitsuma Air - BCD0004, Kitsuma Coil - BCD0054.

Keep in mind that the Specialized Turbo Levo has a relatively Linear leverage ratio, meaning the bike was designed around a progressive shock. If you do decide to use a Coil shock then you will find it best to use our Progressive Valt Spring. You will need the 55mm version. Also, when doing your calculation for spring rate be sure to compensate for the added weight of the bike. If you are in between spring sizes it will be best to size up.