First off, both of these seatposts are fantastic options that are certain to bring more comfort to your riding. There are some key differences between the two that might help you choose one over the other:

  • Rider Weight:  The Thudbuster ST has a weight capacity of 330 lbs while the Thudbuster LT has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. The Thudbuster LT comes with a Medium elastomer pre-installed with different weight elastomers available for purchase separately. The Thudbuster ST comes with a Medium elastomer Pre-installed and a Soft and Firm Elastomer included in the box--Extra Soft and Extra Firm elastomers can be purchased separately.

  • Seatpost Weight: The ST weighs 580 grams while the LT weighs 750 grams. If bike weight is a concern for you, you might want to choose the lighter Thudbuster ST or look to our super light eeSilk Seatpost.

  • Seatpost Height: This difference is, perhaps, the most important. The mechanism height for the Thudbuster LT is approximately 5 3/4". If you don't have, at least, this much of your seatpost exposed currently then you may need to go with the Thudbuster ST. The mechanism height of the ST is approximately 4". 

  • Riding Style: If you are a rider that rides off-road or prefers to stay seated--come what may--then you may find a better fit with the LT. If you stay on roads that are generally well-paved and you just need a little extra comfort then the ST is probably your best bet.