The Thudbuster post is a very durable post, designed for low maintenance. However, like any bicycle product, it will need service from time to time. Maintenance periods can vary greatly, depending on a range of factors such as frequency of use, use in inclimate weather, temperatures, rider weight, types of use, and several others. As such, we do not have strict guidelines for when a post needs a rebuild. 

We sell a variety of replacement parts through our dealers, both in the United States and internationally. Cane Creek is able to sell directly within North America if for any reason you are unable to get the part you need through your local dealers.

The two common wear parts are the bushings and the elastomers. Over time, the elastomers can change their elasticity, become brittle, or flake. This is a relatively straightforward process to fix - head over to the appropriate manual for your version of the post to see the recommended weight ranges of our elastomers, and then order whichever version you need. You can find specific installation instructions in the appropriate manual and in our helpful support videos.

Our newest 4th generation Thudbusters use a tool free elastomer swap, while our 3rd generation requires a few tools but is still quite quick and easy. 

If your post is squeaking or making noises, the most likely culprits are the bushings. For this, you’ll need a rebuild kit. Our third generation post has two versions, a short travel rebuild kit, and a long travel rebuild kit. We include instructions on the rebuild in our kits and it is a relatively straightforward process. 

Rebuilding the all new 4th generation Thudbusters is possible - however, due to a redesigned sealing system, we anticipate they will have much longer service intervals, and we do not currently have rebuild kits available to the public, although we can absolutely send out any parts that might be necessary if any problems arise. If you find you need to replace the sealing O-rings during a service on the G4 Thudbuster LT or ST, we have replacements available.

We also supply a wide variety of small parts for these posts, so that should any parts be lost, we can help. While the saddle clamp is not a wear part for instance, we recognize that sometimes while moving the post from one bike to another or changing out the saddle, sometimes parts fall under the workbench and manage to disappear for an eternity despite our best efforts, and for that we are happy to help you find the replacement parts you need.