The Threadless headset design was patented by Cane Creek in the early 90’s. In order for other manufacturers to use this threadless technology, they had to list our patent number on each headset. Some even listed “with Cane Creek Threadless technology” on the headset as well.

The patent has since expired so now all headset manufacturers can use the Threadless technology without showing the patent number.

However… There are many counterfeit Cane Creek headsets that can be found for sale online. Cane Creek headsets that are being sold as new, with a patent number, are likely counterfeit unless it is a 110 Series which still has patented Interlok spacer technology and this patent number is on the headset.

 The patent number is no longer needed on 40 Series, Hellbender70, etc.  so these counterfeit headsets are easy to identify if showing the patent number printed on the headset

Additionally, these counterfeit headsets are not of the same high quality as our 40 Series, Hellbender 70, 110 Series, or other headset models and do not carry our warranty or customer support.

Make sure to purchase your headsets and headset components from or an authorized Cane Creek dealer.