Your bicycle’s headtube must have an inside diameter of 44mm or larger in order to use any tapered steer fork.  Traditional 1 1/8 in headtubes, or 34mm inside diameter headtubes, cannot accept a tapered steering column fork, therefore we do not make an adapter that will allow you to use a tapered steering column on a traditional 1 1/8 in headtube.

If you are unsure about the measurement of your bicycle’s headtube, you can consult our Standardized Headset Identification System (SHIS) or consult your favorite local bike shop.


Please note: Nominal insertion bore depth for 44mm head-tubes is 9mm. EC44/40 requires an insertion depth of 15mm. Park Tool Reamer 788 should be used with the supplied spacer to reach the 15mm bore depth for EC44/40 Bottoms.