Seat Clamp Troubleshoot - Thudbuster G4 (Long Travel & Short Travel) 

If your saddle and/or seat clamp rotates or moves while riding with your Thudbuster G4 (Long Travel and/or Short Travel) Seatpost installed - please stop use and immediately follow the following steps or visit your local bike shop for assistance.

Required Tools: 

  • 5mm Allen wrench 

  • Torque wrench w/ 5mm Allen  

Step 1:

Ensure that your Thudbuster is oriented in the correct direction - the minimum insertion line located on the seat post should always face towards the front of the bicycle. Additionally, confirm that the rails on your seat are compatible with the clamps on the Thudbuster (Standard round Alloy and Carbon saddle rails safe - NOT COMPATIBLE WITH OVERSIZE OR OVAL SADDLE RAILS). 

Step 2: 

Verify that the seat clamp is clean and properly oriented:

  • Use soap and water to clean any dirt or debris from Thudbuster - no grease, oils or petroleum-based cleaning products should be used on the Seatpost.

  • Ensure that the keyed bolt and nut lineup to the slot on the outer clamp.  

  • Verify that the inner and outer seat clamps and saddle seat rails are aligned correctly. 

Step 3: 

With the saddle positioned properly into the seat clamp, loosely tighten the bolt then pivot the saddle to adjust to your desired angle - reinspect clamp alignment 

Step 4:

Torque Seatclamp bolt to 16nm using a torque wrench.