We do not recommend the Coil IL (Next Gen) for use on frames with Clevis/Strut-mount designs. The Coil IL uses an 8mm shaft and certain combinations of strut length, leverage ratio and/or rider weight can result in shaft and/or end eye failure. Such a failure can result in frame damage and/or rider injury. 

Use of a Coil IL on a Specialized Stumpjumper or Levo will void your shock warranty. Use on other Clevis/Strut-mount frame is discouraged due to the possibility of failure. Please consult with your frame manufacturer for coil compatibility as well before considering a coil shock for your bike.

The Kitsuma Coil has a 9.5mm shaft and is the only coil alternative to the Coil IL on this style of bike. The Air IL is also compatible with these bikes and offers the same low weight and water bottle/frame clearance options of the Coil IL. 

If you have any questions or concerns about a specific frame, please reach out to our support team and we are happy to help.