The Helm MKII Coil comes with stock with a 55lb Green spring installed from the factory. This is ideal for riders between 160-200lbs, but if you fall outside of that weight range in either direction, you may find it’s necessary to change the coil. 

In order to do so, you can follow these steps, or follow along with our video here: 

Step 1: Clean your fork before starting the procedure. 

Step 2: Turn the preload adjuster counterclockwise to relieve any preload from the spring

Step 3: Use a T10 Torx to remove the preload adjust knob. 

Step 4: Use a 30mm socket to remove the preload assembly.

Step 5: With the preload assembly removed, use your hand to remove the spring. Cane Creek offers 4 different coil spring rate options for the fork. Extra soft, soft, medium, and firm. 

Step 6: Pick your desired spring rate, and apply a coating of suspension grease to the outside of the spring. 

Step 7: Insert the new spring into the fork. 

Step 8: Confirm that the entire system is clean, and apply blue Loctite to the threads of the preload assembly before reinstalling it. 

Step 9: With the fork fully extended, start threading the preload assembly by hand to ensure there is no risk of cross threading. 

Step 10: Torque the preload assembly to 36Nm using a torque wrench.

Step 11: Apply blue Loctite to the T10 Torx bolt and reinstall the preload adjustment knob.